Legends of the Mara is an interoperable season-based game by Yuga Labs, operating on the blockchains. The game expands the world of Otherside, the origin of the Koda, the unearthed artifacts, and the dangers lurking beneath. For its launch, we tapped into the unique web3 interoperable storytelling opportunities to build up excitement and deliver the narrative through partners and channels.

The illustration and game cover design were made in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator under the art direction of Long Vu.
The game cover reveals a round table with Blue — the Koda protagonist — as the central figure surrounded by heavy hitters of web3 in a card game. The carving on the tablet depicts the roadmap for the journey ahead. At this point, all the speculations around who the partners are and their roles in the game was confirmed.
Being an interoperable game where multiple web3 brands can participate, LoTM inherently carries a lot of storytelling potentials. We leveraged art and narrative capabilities from all these partners in order to amplify the message and engagement on Twitter and Discord. Each collection would drop their own announcement that build up excitement toward the official announcement. The brief was simple — take the game cover, and give it their own take that feels unique and natural to their brand. The results are a series of story beats that are irreverent and able to speak to their native audience.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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