I'm Tavo Montañez. I was born in 1984. I work from my hometown Aguascalientes, Mexico where I live with my wife and kids. I'm currently work remotely as full-time illustrator and concept artist at Yuga Labs.
As freelance illustrator on the side I work mostly for clients in editorial, but also publishing, advertising and film. My process usually involves drawing with pencil or ink on paper and digital coloring and often by creating fully digital graphics.
Some people, brands and agencies that have trusted me through the years: 
AG für Gestaltung, Akal España, Anneke van Giersbergen, ATO Records, Asmaa Azaizeh, Brandiff, Breakside Brewery, Cerveza Indio, Cerveza Victoria, Chilango, Converse, Denloc, Edelvives México, ESPN, Films in Frame, Food & Wine, Galerie Sakura, Grupo Expansión, Gurú Galería, Hg Estudio, iD -Contemporary South Indian, Jean Bérard Studio, Kazoo Creative, Layered Butter, Lead Ogilvy, Little White Lies, MBooth, McCann España, Starr Studio, Metaleap Creative, Momentum Worldwide, Natur & Kultur, NeoMam Studios, Parallax Studio, Picnic, Raffinerie, Revista Mosca, Revista Tierra Adentro, Revista El Malpensante, Roche, Rock3rs, Scholastic, Science / AAAS, Sonoro, Straight-Line Leadership, Stream Elements, Teft Design / Spoon, Tequila Patron, TecReview, TecScience, The Washington Post, Upshot Agency, Vértigo Galería, Xanti Rodriguez and Yuga Labs.